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Library Monitors

This year we’ll be trialling the Library Monitor program to encourage responsible students in Stage 3 to provide a valuable service towards their school.

What does a Library Monitor do?

  • A variety of jobs, though the main roles are listed here;
  • To assist in the library a minimum of one duty each week.
  • To use the OLIVER system to process returned books
  • To use the OLIVER system to loan books to students
  • To return items to appropriate shelves after processing
  • To tidy shelves if all books have been returned to shelves
  • Locate and recommend books for fellow students, especially infant students
  • To ensure the library is clean and tidy
  • To attend a short team meeting each term in the Library so that Library Monitors can ask questions and provide feedback.

What are some skills and characteristics in being a Library Monitor?

You’ll need to be reliable, trustworthy, hardworking, helpful and good at using a computer. Additionally, Library monitors are students that enjoy helping others can complete tasks independently, work as a team and of course, enjoy books.

The aims of the library monitor program are to:

  • To provide alternative and inclusive forms of leadership within the school.
  • Act as role models to all students in how to use and behave in the library.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and accountability
  • To learn new skills, especially ICT skills
  • Develop a further understanding of the Dewey Decimal system to independently locate and return books to their correct location within the library. 
  • To help fellow students and teachers

Library monitors have the following privileges:

  • Borrow additional books.
  • Attend an End-of-Year Library Party.
  • Receive a Library Monitor Badge at assembly.