Kirrawee Public School

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Opening Days

At Kirrawee, the number of days the library is open is dependent on the number of children enrolled at Kirrawee Public School. With our current numbers, the library isĀ open three days per week for teaching & borrowing. Those days are Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Thursdays, the Library is only open for a short time to accommodate 3/6S.

2019 Library Timetable

Tuesdays: 5/6M, 3/4F, 3/4W

Wednesday: KW, 4/5M, 5/6OS, KH

Thursday: 3/6S

Friday: K/1H, 1/2N, 1/2W

Lunchtime in the Library

The library will be open for casual student use during 2nd half lunch on Wednesdays. The library is available for general borrowing, computer use, board games such as chess, jigsaws, colouring, drawing and of course, reading.